Deco Enzo is the exclusive partner for many of its suppliers.
This implies intensive cooperation and interaction with regards to our products.
Deco Enzo was founded in Asten in 1998
and has distinguished itself from the beginning with a clear
and recognizable identity, creativity and innovative strength.
By now, we’ve grown into a company with over 1500 selling points, both home and abroad, that we
cooperate closely with.

Deco Enzo’s mission is to grow from a concept, a concept of quality. Quality in all its aspects,
regarding our products, but also regarding our customers
and partners.
Because quality always wins!


There is just one word for our concept: ‘quality’.
And this quality starts at the developing stages and continues right through to after-sales.
We do not wish to compromise in any of these stages and Deco Enzo is able to deliver from stock all
year through, at competitive prices.


Deco Enzo produces and distributes decoration ornaments for flowers and plants.
We style our products to the market’s demand in close contact with our suppliers.
Besides this, we execute a very efficient stock management system to ensure fast and prompt delivery.


Deco Enzo is strategically positioned on the A67 in Asten, between Eindhoven and Venlo, and is
therefore easy to reach.

Through efficient cooperation with professional distributors we are able to deliver
with speed  and