Our various products each have their own character.
They are composed by a team of flower
arrangers that for a large part are indirectly also our customers.
One by one they are professionals; trendsetters in the field of flower arranging.

These people are experts in the latest trends in flower arranging and plants, and they translate that expertise into products that connect perfectly to our clients’ specific demands.


Deco Enzo takes extreme care in its selection of the raw material we use for our products.
We also monitor and refine our production process constantly, with attention
paid to both people  and the environment.
Our packaging is not only selected because of its appearance but also because of user-efficiency.
The product "Wooly" is packed in bags of 500 gram, 12 pieces in a box, or for users from big quantity 8 kilo's in a box.
The "hard" materials like Stones and Glassbeads are packed in bags from 5 or 4 kilo's it depends on the volume.
These materials are also available in a bigger packaging from 10 of 8 kilo's.
Gravelite is packed in bags from 2 kilo's.


Distribution has many aspects.
Deco Enzo safeguards and advises in product placement, shelf planning and presentation.

Wherever possible we will support customer networks and product presentation


Deco Enzo supplies from a ‘never out of stock programme’ combined with ‘seasonal products’.
full gamut of products (articles) we compose with our customers consists mainly of ornaments for florist wholesalers and people in the flower and plant arranging business.

A nice flower arrangement needs the best ingredients.
No matter how fresh your flowers and plants are, or how beautiful your vases, pots and dishes are, if you don’t use the best decoration ornaments
, you miss the finishing touch.